Our team members at Apex Solutions believe one of the best ways to inspire others is to speak publicly because when you present to groups of people, they perceive you as an expert on the topic at hand. From that position comes a significant ability to influence them. With that in mind, these are our most valuable public speaking lessons:

Begin With Trust: If you want people to buy into what you have to say, assert that you must first earn their trust. Relate to them, be authentic, and focus on their needs.

Make a Promise: Once you’ve built some rapport with your audience, it’s time to make a promise. People’s ears perk up when they are guaranteed results; for instance, if someone you trust assured you he or she could make you a better presenter, you’d listen, wouldn’t you?

Cultivate Pain: This may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out. Illustrate to your listeners the consequences of not heeding your message. At Apex Solutions, we’re sure you have something valuable to offer, so be sure to inform people what they could miss.

Use a Framework: Your listeners will be better able to process what they hear if you present it to them in an organized framework. You can share your points numerically, for example, or perhaps chronologically if your content allows for it. We also recommend problem-and-solution and compare-and-contrast formats.     

Use these effective strategies to develop and execute your next presentation.

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