What We Do At Apex Solutions

Community Outreach

Face to Face marketing throughout local communities within the state of Tennessee. Our goal with this process is to spread the likeness, goodwill, and overall message for the Non-Profit and Charity clients we represent locally.

Community Engagement

Spreading the resources, supplies, and materials that our clients provides, into the local communities within the state of Tennessee. Further spreading their goodwill, likeness, and image to potential clients and supporters.


Securing funds for clients and their program endeavors with face to face interactions throughout the local community.

Who We Serve


Stand For The Silent

Founded in 2010, Stand For The Silent, has fast become of the leading and most effective anti-bullying organizations in the nation. As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, their mission is simply to bring awarenesses to bullying. In this process this program attempts to teach both the bully and the bullied that: I AM SOMEBODY. Through social and emotional learning the goal of this program is to start a SFTS Chapter at a participating site. Each chapter consists of a group of students who are committed to change. Our team works with SFTS to further support their endeavors in spreading their mission; by spreading awareness, education of program resources, raising funds, and spreading the goodwill of SFTS throughout the statewide community.



Apex Solutions’ Community Commitment

One of Apex Solutions’ core values is philanthropy. We are dedicated to giving back to our community because we are grateful for the support our neighbors have shown our firm. As such, our team engages in volunteer activities, fundraising events, and other outreach efforts on behalf of nonprofits in our area. By giving to help the causes which we’re passionate about, we’re able to impact positive change while bonding as a team. It’s part of our firm’s mission to be a good neighbor to our partners and other local businesses.

We strive to ensure that each team member is provided with ample opportunities to learn and advance.

Apex Solutions

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